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dc.contributor.authorAlé Ruiz, Rafael 
dc.contributor.authorAlfaro Drake, Tomás
dc.description.abstractThe fight against poverty has traditionally started from the question of the causes of poverty, with the understanding that the solution is of a purely economic nature. However, the authors understand that in a globalized world, the correct question is that of the causes of wealth, that the solution is born of justice, and that people are the starting point, not poverty itself. By rethinking classic contributions in terms of the new global environment of poverty, it can be concluded that the process of sustainable development of people and countries requires a virtuous cycle dynamic between two co-principles: economic development and development of the common good. This process takes place in a new environment, with new elements such as generative justice, and new types of poverty such as anthropological poverty. Fighting poverty in the world is absolutely necessary for the sake of justice and the survival of the global economic and cultural system, but this fight will only be effective if the private sector invests in countries where poverty is the greatest. Therefore, a fund with the subsidiary and voluntary tax contributions of taxpayers, companies and individuals from the richest countries is proposed. Identification of funding sources, operational guidelines for the fund, an analysis of its effective reach in terms of countries and populations that may be its beneficiaries, and some guidelines for its governance precede the final conclusions of this
dc.description.sponsorshipUniversidad Francisco de Vitoriaspa
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dc.subjectAnthropological povertyspa
dc.subjectGenerative justicespa
dc.subjectGenerative justicespa
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dc.subjectCultural survivalspa
dc.titleHonest capitalism as an efficent tool in the figth against
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Atribución-NoComercial-SinDerivadas 3.0 España
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