Analysis of the shots in Football for blind people in the 2021 World Grand Prix.

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Cultura, ciencia y deporte.
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The present study analyses all in-game goal kicks (n = 424) in 5-a-side football for blind people in the international tournament World Grand Prix 2021, held in Tokyo (Japan). For this purpose, the IOLF5C instrument was used, which consists of 14 variables to analyse the effectiveness of shooting at goal. A descriptive study and association between the independent variables of the analysis (contextual and game actions), and the study variable (result of the throw-in) was carried out. The results show that 5-a-side football for blind people is a sport modality with a reduced number of technical-tactical actions. The winning team of the tournament is the one that performs the highest number of shots at goal, they start the play in the starting zone and shoot at goal from the offensive zone. Perform a fast progression with driving and throwing to goal, without blocking, and, mainly, they hit the ball with the right foot and, mostly with the toe/start. In addition, the result of the throw is conditioned by the variables team status, starting zone, throwing opposition and body zone. Therefore, it is recommended that coaches should design situations that favor quick ball stealing after effective pressure in offensive zones.

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Shooting, Effectiveness, Performance