The Strategic Transfer of Intangible Assets via Twitter by Spanish Listed Companies in Times of Crisis.

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Rangel-Perez, Celia
Miquel-Segarra, Susana


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Romanian Journal of Communication and Public Relations
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In times of crisis such as the one we have experienced due to COVID-19, listed companies have enhanced the communication of their intangible assets. Thus, the aim of this research is to study how listed companies in Spain have used one of the most popular social channels, such as Twitter, to transfer their intangible assets to their stakeholders. To this end, the communication of IBEX35 companies in Spain with a verified corporate profile on Twitter has been studied during the first phase of the COVID-19 pandemic. Among the main results, it should be noted that the transfer of intangible assets has been based on a strategy where providing added value was the connecting axis of the communication actions implemented and the content provided on Twitter. Hence, this work demonstrates that companies can provide added value in social networks to generate trust, build long-term relationships and strengthen their competitive advantage.

Doctoral program



COVID-19, Intangibles, Communication, Twitter, Stakeholders